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Aug 2 / Andrew Moser

Don’t forget to pack…

By Elyssa Mathy

Hi I am Elyssa Mathy a 3rd year honors student at Wayne State. I am from the west side of the state so I have always lived in a dorm here at Wayne. Trying to figure out what to pack for school was difficult for me my first year so I have created a list of some items that should be packed that may not come to mind at first.

  1. More storage space!!Dorms rooms are not big, bringing in cubbies and other storage containers is essential in order to fit everything you will need in your room. Bring drawers to hold snacks and bring baskets to hold extra clothes or shoes. There is so much stuff that is needed to live on campus. Having extra storage space is essential.
  2. Command strips and hooks.These are so important! I hang up my winter jacket right by the door with these hooks preventing snow from getting all over my dorm room. You can also hang up your backpack on these. They are easy to remove, and if done correctly, they do not take any paint off. They help hang up decorations that make your room feel more like home and they help create more space.
  3. Stain remover. You never realize how important this stuff is until you get to a dorm. At school it costs almost 3 dollars to wash and dry your clothes. If you stain something you don’t want to spend 3 dollars just to get rid of one stain, buying stain remover is very important.
  4. Cleaning supplies. I hate cleaning but it is important and it is a good procrastination tool. I am never more motivated to clean then when I have an assignment due. In order to clean, one needs cleaning supplies. I pack wet wipes, a duster, sponges and soap for dishes and something to sweep the floor. You can coordinate with your roommates as to who is bringing in what supplies.
  5. Decorations.Now this may not seem very essential, but when you add a personal flare to a college dorm it makes it a happier place to live. Some items I have brought are an extra chair, a rug, paper clip lights that also hang photos and cards, calendars and white boards. All of these little things help to make a common dorm room a special place to live and really make one feel more at home.

This list may not contain more exciting things that one may want to bring like a TV, games, microwave, or a fridge, which I do find important when packing for school, but they are not essentials. If you do not have a lot of room in your car when heading to school pack the essentials first, save the fun things like the TV for a later trip. Remember that extra storage space I listed earlier, this space is also helpful when moving because it can house extra things in your car creating more space for your move. These essential things are often forgotten when packing books, clothes, and bedding, that is why I put them on my list. When your actual home is 3 hours away from your dorm and you don’t have a car, these five things are extremely important, so remember to pack them!!

See you when the school year starts!