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Jul 25 / Andrew Moser

Helpful links for Honors freshman (or any Honors student)

By Rachel Hackett

Here are some links that helped me when I was a freshman.

Wayne State Library Website:

Use this site to find books and articles through the Wayne State library system. You can reserve books from any Wayne State library using your OneCard, and pick them up at any library location. There are also research guides available with resources sorted by topic. One helpful one for Honors students is:, which has resources for Honors 1000 and PS 1010. The library website also has a way to contact helpful librarians who can help you find relevant articles and sources for research. (Judith Arnold is particularly helpful and has gotten back to me super quickly in the past!)


This website is like the Wayne State library site, but you can use it to reserve books from any Michigan library. Using your onecard or a Michigan library card, you can reserve books and pick them up from any library, including the UGL or Kresge Library.

Advising Works:

Use this website to make an appointment with an advisor. I recommend doing this early on each semester, because appointments usually fill up quickly and Honors students get to register early, so sometimes Honors sections fill up first.

Wayne State Events Calendar:

Use this site to find out about events on campus or in the Midtown area. You can often find out about fun things to do on the weekend, and sometimes these events are free. I would double check the timing for the events somewhere else though, because a few times this site has had incorrect information.

Student Service Center site:

This site is helpful if you need to call or visit the Welcome Center to get questions on financial aid, housing, etc. answered. It shows a time estimate for how long you will be on hold/waiting in the Welcome Center lobby, which is nice if you want to avoid spending an hour on hold/waiting in the lobby. Sometimes you can find the answer to your question here without even having to speak to someone.

Honors College Website:

Visit this site if you need to download forms for honors options, figure out what classes you need to take, or need to find out when Honors advising is available.


I recommend making this site your homepage for when you open your internet browser, because you will use it so much. Your WSU email, financial aid information, final grades, and many other helpful things are accessed through this site. You can also follow fun pages that will post on your feed (kind of like Twitter). One of my favorites is “Academicat”, which posts pictures of cats!


I recommend making this page one of your favorites on your laptop, because it is where you will access your class information and grades. You can also access it through academica, but sometimes it is easier to have a direct link.


A super useful website for making flashcards. I used this in my French class to make vocab flashcards and I was able to share the flashcards with my classmates for them to use as well.


This website helps you make mindmaps, which are a way of taking notes that is great for visual/spatial learners. I love this because drawing out mindmaps by hand can get messy sometimes.

Google calendar:

This site help you organize where you have to be and when. It also has an app, so if you use this, you’ll never have to worry about missing an appointment.

I’m sure there are a bunch more useful websites, but these are the ones that I have used most consistently so far throughout college. Feel free to post some more links in the comments!