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Aim Higher

Oct 2 / Andrew Moser

Study Abroad France 2017

This week Rachel discusses her course schedule for the Fall semester.

Classes/Des Classes

Sep 27 / Andrew Moser

Study Abroad France 2017

This week Rachel catches us up on her visit to french cities Amboise and Orleans.

Amboise and Orleans/Amboise et Orléans

Sep 19 / Andrew Moser

Study Abroad France 2017

Tours, France

Rachel updates French travels. She is currently staying at the University of Francois Rabelais in Tours. Photos included!

Sep 18 / Andrew Moser

Making the Most of HON 1000

A Honors Student Ambassador collaboration

Hi everyone! Today we’ll be outlining a few tips that you can use to be successful in HON 1000!

Two of Dean Herron’s core themes in this class are what he calls the “Burger King Effect” and the “Batman Conundrum”. Many students find these concepts confusing at first. He will give several examples applying these ideas, so it’s important to attend (and not fall asleep!) during class. The small discussion section is also a great place to get your questions answered. Many of the senior lecturers have taught the course for several years, so they have a good grasp of what you need to understand. Taking notes during lectures and discussion will also help you to understand the themes.

We found that seminar was a great and insightful opportunity to take what you learned in lecture and apply through conversation with your fellow HON 1000 peers. To do that, you not only have to pay attention in lecture, but you also have to read. It may very well seem daunting at first, but what’s helpful is developing a reading schedule and following it the best you can. You’ll find that conversations in seminar, as facilitated by your senior lecturer, will help you digest the material.

Having taken the class before, we all agreed that it is worth taking the time to attend all of the Passport events! They were very cool events that we would not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. We made a lot of great memories and new friends through these trips. Also if you are from out of town these trips will show you some of the amazing things that Detroit has to offer, that you may have not heard of before. Attending will also help you out in the class in terms of understanding the history and culture of the city.

Finally, we recommend forming study groups! The content of HON 1000 was markedly different from the courses we had taken before. The class isn’t about memorizing information; rather, you have to develop your skills in written and verbal expression. You have to be the master of your learning, so it helped us to talk about the concepts with classmates. You can learn from other’s unique perspectives, which will help you with writing the essay questions on the final exam!


Good luck, Warriors!

Sep 13 / Andrew Moser

Dally in the Alley

By Ashton Lewandowski

Every September after classes have started an event happens near campus called Dally in the Alley. Originally, Dally was a block party held in the 70’s and was started as a way to block demolition plans. Now, 40 years later, it has evolved into something much more. Dally allows for artistic expression to be showcased. Local bands play on several stages set up near the Cass Corridor, artists decorate anything they can find, vendors come in with clothing, jewelry, and art, and performance artists set up to show what they’re made of. Thousands of students, neighbors, and visitors all come together to celebrate at Dally. Together they help to show that the Cass Corridor’s spirit is still going strong and that there is no better place to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual than in Detroit.

Sep 8 / Andrew Moser

Study Abroad France 2017

Rachel made it safely to France and has already been enjoying the many sights that Paris and the French countryside has to offer. Follow her blog here to read all about her adventures!


Aug 30 / Andrew Moser

Honors Induction 2017

By Drew Moser

Even though Festifall was cancelled due to inclement weather, the College still held its annual Induction Ceremony in the Community Arts Auditorium to officially welcomed the newest first-year students.

Honors staff and faculty, students, guests and parents were welcomed by Honors College Dean Jerry Herron before he turned the festivities over to the Honors Student Ambassadors. Senior Evan Hansinger gave a heart-felt speech describing his Honors experience, while the rest of the Ambassadors – Junior Ashton Lewandowski, Junior Elyssa Mathy, Senior Sangini Tolia and Senior Nushrat Rahmen – lit the candles representing the Four Pillars of Honors.

The Honors Pledge was recited to close the ceremony.

During the ceremony the Honors College presented Academic Service Officer Kevin Rashid for his years of dedicated service to the Detroit Fellows Tutoring Project.


Lighting the Honors candles to welcome the Fall 17 cohort!

Posted by Wayne State Irvin D. Reid Honors College on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The Honors Pledge

I pledge to uphold the ideals of the Honors College.

To be a participant in a Community of Scholars.

To be an informed, engaged citizen of Wayne State University and my community.

To always strive for academic excellence.

To embrace the Four Pillars of the Honors College: Community, Service, Research and Career.

To make a positive difference through leadership and hard work.

This I pledge of myself today as a Wayne State Honors Student.

Aug 22 / Andrew Moser

Study Abroad France 2017

Junior Rachel Hackett will be taking her Wayne State studies to France for the 2017 Fall semester. Follow her adventures here as she has allowed the Honors College to share her study abroad experiences in order to showcase the wonderful opportunities Wayne State students can have.

Aug 13 / Andrew Moser

Tips to make it through your first lecture

By Ashton Lewandowski

So, are you going to your first lecture and are afraid that you won’t be able to keep your eyes open? If so, here are some helpful tips to make it to your second lecture.

  1. Read the syllabus before class. This way, if the professor announces it’s a syllabus day you can just leave.
  2. Sit in the front row and introduce yourself to the professor. If they know you, you’ll be too intimidated to leave or sleep.
  3. Drink lots of fluids before class. Not only will you stay hydrated, but if you drink enough your bladder WILL NOT let you sleep.
  4. Make friends with the smart kids in class. Their commentary will help to keep you awake.
  5. Sleep before class. Nothing beats being well rested.
Aug 8 / Andrew Moser

Tips for Your First Week at Wayne State!

By Sangini Tolia

Hi everyone, welcome to your first week at Wayne State! To help you out, I’ve compiled some insider tips to make this week fun and easy. Enjoy!

– Make sure you leave early, especially for the first week. There’s some cool new buildings being built on campus, but it also means there’s some construction and delays. Leave early from home so you have plenty of time to find a parking spot and get a good seat in class!

– Download the Wayne State Mobile App. It’s an easy way to check your OneCard balance (they even have a widget for quick access). You can also access your email, view the dining hall menu, find a map, and check on parking availability.

– Stay on campus in the evening! There’s all kinds of events going on like volleyball, outdoor movies, and craft nights put on by awesome groups like the Campus Activities Team. Plus, there’s always freebies like ice cream, T-shirts, and pizza. Check out for more details.

– Get organized! Buy a planner and some cool pens! Color-code your folders and notebooks! Your professors will give you your exam dates at the beginning of the semester on your syllabus. Writing down your assignments and exam dates is super helpful in planning out when you need to study. You’ll definitely find it useful when you have 3 midterms in the same week.

– Explore campus for awesome places to hang out and study! The Honors College study lounge is your special space that’s open from 9-5 every day. I also love the Detroit Public Library and the DIA, which are just across the street on Cass. The Kresge Library and Law Library are also quiet places to study, while the Student Center is the place to hang out in between class! When it’s warm, bring a hammock and relax outside State Hall.

– Check out a student organization and Get Involved! You can get more information on clubs at Festifall (August 29, 11am-2pm) and Student Org Day (September). Wayne State has everything ranging from Greek life to intramural sports to performance groups to professional societies. Visit the Dean of Students Office ( to browse our offerings. And remember, if there isn’t something you’re looking for, all you need is three friends to start your own club.

– Make use of resources to help you succeed in class! Professors have office hours listed on their syllabus that you can attend to ask questions. Some classes have Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions where a student who got a good grade teaches a review session. The Academic Success Center offers tutoring for many classes. Talk to your professors too because some departments offer special learning labs. The Counseling and Psychological Services are available for help as well. All of these services are totally FREE!

– Make study groups! Your classes are a great place to start. If you’re living in the residence halls, you’ll be surrounded by people taking the same classes as you. You’ll make life-long friends and it’ll help you get good grades too.

– Check out the gym! It’s free for all students. We have all kinds of equipment and even an indoor track. There’s also many free classes that teach Zumba, Spinning, Dance, and more! It helps you avoid the Freshman 15 and feel great.

– Check out all the great places to eat on and around from campus! Wayne State is located in Midtown, which is a really vibrant, up-and-coming part of Detroit. Favorite places that are walking distance from campus include Go! Sy Thai, Blimpies, Mac n’Brewz, and Cass Café! Explore the area because there’s many more!

– Take a ride on the Q-LINE! This tram system is brand new and is an easy way to get to the heart of downtown. The closest stop to Wayne State is at Woodward & Warren. Fares are only $1.50 to ride and are free through Labor Day weekend.


– Use Show Your OneCard and Save! Wayne State has a special partnership with a lot of local businesses that give you a discount when you show your OneCard. You can see a list of participating businesses here: