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Day 3 – Wednesday 11th

This morning was a strange one for me.  It started with my waking in the early morning to prepare for my first run in Ghana.  Samantha, one of the students attending the trip and also my friend and fellow cross country runner, and I agreed to begin our run a little after 5:30.  As I woke up, I felt excited about running for the first time in Africa.  I was dressed only in shorts because it was hot out and because I normally wear shorts for running, even on days much cooler than this one.  Walking down from our hotel and waiting in the lobby for a long time without a shirt on made me feel self conscious.  After waiting about 15 minutes, I realized that my phone which I used for an alarm clock as well, was set to the wrong time, and I was actually an hour early.

I tried to get a few more minutes of sleep back in my room.  The next time I walked down, I brought a book to occupy myself just to be safe.  Once Sammy arrived, we went on our run through roadside stands filled with merchants and people, and dodging sewer openings and moving vehicles.

What an awesome start for my first morning in Africa….

The rest of the day was like an intro to Ghana plus an activity.  After Sammy and I returned, we took a short nap, had some breakfast, and then attended an orientation with Proworld.  They went over what we’d be doing over the next few days and gave us some pointers about the culture.

One thing that everyone got a kick out of was the greetings we could expect from children.  They sing a little song, and may repeat it as they skip along.

We talked about relationships, and how many young children, and possibly older ones, will be proposing now and then.  However, apparently women get the question popped to moreso than the men.  I don’t think anyone in our group saw this as a weird thing, but as a cute endearment if a chiled were to make such a proposal.

This day, we also exchanged money for cedis, the Ghanian currency.  For one US dollar we recieved one and a half cedis.  The intresting thing about the exchange was that Ghanians like bigger American bills, will give a better exchange rate for a hundred dollar bill than one hundred dollars in twenties.

Once we had something to eat we took a ture of Cape Coast.  The ture was good and we picked up some drums on the way as we drove.

What happened next was an activity I don’t think anyone expected would be so much fun.  We played the drums with the guidence of a professional, and it was a blast!

!!!!!LISTEN HERE!!!!!

After the drums, we headed back to have a Fanty lesson with Lawrence.  We learned that there are 5 major ethnic groups: Akan, Ewe, Gu Adangbe, Mole-Dabbngni, and Guah.  Each ethnic group has a number of tribe, and each tribe has a different language.  In Cape Coast the major group is Akan which is split into 6 tribes: Fante, asante, Assin, Akyem, Akuapim, Sefuri.  The Fante tribe is the dominet tribe in the area and quidencidentaly they speak Fante.  Fortunatly for us, we were able to learn this language which has written words.  46 languages are only spoken, and 9 are writen and spoken in universities.

Then we went into the history of Ghana and it’s capital.  We discussed such topics as the UGCC and the CPP which had a hand in creating Ghana’s independence.

Next we went over the Fante Alphabet,

and then how people recieve names in ghana, and what our Ghanian names are based on when we were born.



Days of week names

  1. Day of week born on ———————————————————–>
  2. 8th day of life – father gives family name/honored name
  3. Father sir name
  4. Religus name

My name is Yaw as I was born on Thursday.

We finnished up the day with some phrases we would need to know like good morning, how are you, thank you, and b)k)) (b-o-k-0) or cool.

Certenaly a jam packed day, and more on the horizan…





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