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Day 1 – Monday, May 9th

Today is the day all of us have been waiting for.  Months of preparation, longing, and built-up excitment have come to a climax as our group of honors students meet at the Detroit airport.  I felt so fortunate to be able to go on a trip such as this, and at the same time I felt a little nervous to be going on a trip for such a long time with so many people I didn’t know. What if we didn’t get along with each other? However, this feeling soon left me as the warm welcomes began as I first walked in to check my baggage.

Group in airport


I said goodbye to Rachel, my girlfriend, who was kind enough to come with me to the airport to see me off. Due to this trip we will be celebrating our four-year anniversary in different countries. Although, being away was fine as long as I could bring back exciting stories of my to-come-adventures.


What else happened on this day?


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  1. Alexavia / Jul 12 2011

    Super informatvie writing; keep it up.

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