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May 9 / Douglas Mack

To Ghana

Detroit Terminal

Waiting in Detroit terminal

As the day went on we found ourselves spending a lot of time waiting for the plane to arrive.  To pass the time we all joined in playing rittle and brain teeser games.  This was an excellent way to brake the ice, I feel we all became pretty well acquainted with each other at this point.

As time went on we boarded our plane for Frankfurt.  I really enjoyed my trip via plane.  I did not have a window seat, but I was more than entertained by the choice of inflight movies, music, and the company of my new friends.  I was also fortunate enough to turn the long plane ride into one that just lasted a few hours by taking an extended nap while in flight.

Arriving in Frankfurt was a lot of fun.  The three other guys and me went to McDonalds, and enjoyed conversation over outrageously priced chicken nuggets and hamburgers.  We talked about a lot of things, like our individual walks of life, what we expected in Africa, and how to convert Euros to dollars.

After our meal at the golden arches we headed back to the terminal, but not before being sanctioned off by security.  I am not exactly sure what was going on in the next room, but we were not aloud to pass the guarded doors for what seemed like 15 minuets to a half an hour.

Getting back to our terminal, and meeting up with the rest of the group, we felt like we already had our first mini adventure of the trip.

The next flight was going to take us all the way to Ghana, and all of us, especially our professor, Dr. Montgomery, could not wait until we first set foot on Ghanian soil.  Our professor is a Gorovodu priest, and ownes a house in Togo.  He could not be more excited to be going back to the continent which he loves so dearly.  We are all very fortunate to be attending a trip with a instructor that has the knowledge, experience, and excitement as Eric Montgomery.