The Power of Being Mindful

There’s an art to being mindful. It can be extremely challenging to take a step back and be focused on the present, however, the present is the only promised moment and worrying about the past/future only takes away from the beauty of our current moments. Being mindful allows us to soak in what’s going on around us while also allowing us to appreciate 

While it isn’t the easiest to unplug, taking a break from social media can help us focus on our own lives and become more conscious of our surroundings. Meditation is also one of the most common ways to refocus our minds on what is important and what should be let go of. It helps to release any anxiety from the past or any worries for the future. There are many meditation apps like Simple Habit, Headspace, Calm, and Sleepiest, however, there are also free guided meditations on YouTube. 

Reading books, spending time in nature, and journaling can also help with becoming more aware. While there are many books on mindfulness, any book that captures your attention will work as it’ll successfully shift your focus to whatever you’re reading. Lastly, spending time in nature and journaling are two other common ways to refocus the mind. There are journals that have prompts that are meant to invoke feelings of calmness or happiness. The most popular ones are called 52 Lists for Calm and 52 Lists for Happiness.