Mindful Techniques

With everyone being constantly connected through texting or social media, it can be difficult to be mindful and take a break. While disconnecting can be challenging, it can be worth it in terms of mental clarity and happiness. 

The first tip would be turning off your phone for at least thirty minutes to an hour each day. This can help boost productivity by allowing you to fully focus on the task that is in front of you. Putting a time limit on apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram can allow us to become more mindful of the time spent mindlessly scrolling through those apps. The next tip is probably the most common, but meditating has been found to relieve many symptoms that come along with stress. Apps like “Simple Habit” or “Headspace” have guided meditations that can help beginners to take even five minutes out of their day to be more conscious.

Spending time in nature and connecting to your five senses can be another way to take a break from the daily rat race and focus on your breath. Reading books like the Abundance of Less by Andy Couturier or the 5 a.m. Club by Robin Sharma can give new ideas of how to be happy with less while kick starting your day earlier to be as productive as possible. Lastly, writing down thoughts about life, goals, stressors, or dreams allows the brain to see everything down on paper and plan accordingly. Many individuals report feeling lighter after journaling because their thoughts become more cohesive and they can see the patterns that they couldn’t see before.

All in all, even incorporating one of these tips can significantly boost efficiency and happiness. When making a lifestyle change, it is best to start slowly so that they become habits instead of phases.