Study Tips for Another School Year

As soon as the semester starts, it always feels like the first exam isn’t too far away. It can also be hard adjusting to long days of classes after a relaxing summer full of warm and sunny days. Nonetheless, there are tips to help ease the change and help students get back into the flow of things.

The first tip would be to have a very clean environment. This can especially help when feeling overwhelmed as the messiness can prevent students from wanting to complete any tasks. Everything can seem daunting. It can help to organize clothes, vacuum or dust, do laundry, and wash the bedsheets. This ensures that there is a calm and peaceful environment to rest in. 

It can be of help to make the desk area bright and cheerful. Restocking any school supplies in drawers, making sure that there is proper lighting, and adding something cozy like a plant can be encouraging. 

Another tip would be to print out syllabi, stock the backpack up (pens, pencils, clickers, snacks, hand sanitizer, notebooks, chargers), and either buying or finding online versions of textbooks. 

As for actual study tips, it has been proven beneficial to use a technique like studying for thirty minutes and then taking a five-minute break to rest the mind. It can help to exercise and get the blood flowing to the brain in between breaks as this allows the brain chemistry to change. The next major study tip has to do with effectively planning study time and assignments out. This is a vital tip as cramming never helps and can create an excess amount of stress and pressure. Writing assignments out or trying to break up assignments ahead of time can help to alleviate any of those unwanted emotions. 

All things considered, it is extremely important to sleep, take breaks, and properly eat. Best of luck with this upcoming school year!