Easing Stress with Essential Oils

As the school year approaches, learning about natural stress-relieving tips can never hurt! Essentials oils have gained a lot of attention because there are many individuals in the holistic world that truly believe in the ability that they have to ease various symptoms or ailments. It can never hurt to try a more functional approach as well since the side-effects tend to be minimal.

Chronic stress can leave an individual with common symptoms like headaches, respiratory issues, and digestive issues. All of these are unwanted symptoms and can hinder daily activities, especially as a student with many demanding commitments. There is science-backed evidence that states essential oils can have a positive effect on heart rate, immunity, breathing, stress levels, and blood pressure. It has been found that the molecules can cross the blood-brain barrier. This has a clear impact on the areas of the brain that control overwhelming feelings of panic and depression. 

While essential oils are not a cure, they can certainly help ease tension related symptoms like headaches. The most common scents that help with easing stress are lemon, lavender, yuzu, bergamot, ylang ylang, clary sage, and jasmine. Dr. Mercola, NOW Foods, and doTERRA are some high-quality essential brands that carry these specific ones. 

Essential oils can be applied topically but they also can be blended and be diffused through a diffuser:

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It can take some time to find the right combination of scents but there is a lot of inspiration on websites like Pinterest.