A Natural Approach to Beauty

The skin is the largest organ which means that many toxic chemicals can also enter the body when applied to the skin. Many conventional products contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful when absorbed. This is why natural beauty products have been receiving more and more attention. While it can be difficult to make the adjustment initially, there are various high-quality products out there that can be used in place of these typical beauty products. This post will go over some alternatives to the basic beauty staples. 

Many drugstore face masks are loaded with many chemicals; however, it is relatively easy to make just as effective face masks at home.

·     Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask

·     Nourishing Honey Mask

·     An Otherworldly Glow

·     DIY Charcoal Face Mask

There are many simple and cheaper do-it-yourself ideas for natural alternatives with makeup removers and face washes

The most difficult switch is usually makeup as a lot However, as many individuals are becoming more and more conscious of what they are putting on their bodies, there have been brands like Jane Iredale that have a wide-range of products that can be used in place of the typical products. 

Moving on, it can be really fun to make bath products at home as baths can be extremely calming. Some fun do-it-yourself ideas are listed below:

·     DIY Bath Bombs

·     DIY Lush Bath Bombs

·     Lavender Mint Bath Salts

·     15 Soothing DIY Bath Salts

·     DIY Peppermint Bath Salts

·     DIY Calming Detoxing Bath Salts

·     6 Aromatherapy Blends for DIY Bath Salts

All in all, it can take some time to adjust but there are definitely companies like Jane Iredale and other resources are there to ease the change!