The Many Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is a form of green tea that is made from grinding up young and tender green tea leaves. This essentially means that the entire green tea leaf is ingested, and the body is able to reap its potential benefits.

Macha provides “clean energy,” which does not cause anxiousness or jitteriness the way caffeine usually does. Macha also contains an amino acid called L-Theanine that combined with caffeine to help the brain to focus even more while boosting the number of alpha waves.

Moving on, matcha can burn even more calories as the green tea catechins have been studied and found to increase the body’s thermogenic fat burning activity. Matcha has the ability to boost the metabolism and reduce body mass index, if taken on a daily basis. However, one of the most unique benefits is that it has the highest antioxidant rating among superfoods. The antioxidant content is exponentially higher than berries, spinach, and pomegranate.

Matcha has been found to support the brain during aging, and may even help to maintain normal functions, like memory and the ability to complete tasks. The components in matcha have also been shown to support the immune system detoxification.

There are several different ways to enjoy matcha. It is best to make sure that the matcha is organic and pure without any additives. Here are a few recipes:

Matcha Lemonade

Vegan Matcha Ice Cream

Honey Coconut Matcha Latte

Vanilla Coconut Matcha Latte

Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites

Matcha Latte Chia Seed Pudding

Coconut Milk Matcha Latte with Rose Petals

On another note, Jarrows Formula also has L-Theanine gummies that are suitable for children ages 8 and up. The gummies provide all the benefits of L-Theanine while omitting the caffeine content in matcha.