Natural Nail Care

As touched upon in many of the blog posts, it is best to go natural whenever possible. It is recommended to avoid exposure to unnecessary chemical and additives. Many individuals have become aware that many of the products in the beauty industry are full of chemicals. The good news is that there are more natural alternatives with less toxic ingredients.

Here are some basic tips for stronger and healthier nails:

  • Avoid cutting cuticles.
    • Many dermatologists frown upon messing with the cuticles as the cuticles act as a barrier to bacteria and fungus. It is important to keep the nail bed protected.
  • Try to not use nail hardeners.
    • It has become a fact that nail hardeners are usually filled with excess chemicals and can make the nails even more fragile once it is taken off.
  • Moisturize the nails and cuticles with a cuticle oil.
    • This can reduce the chances of breakage.
  • Take a biotin supplement.
    • It has been studied and results shows that biotin can increase nail thickness and prevent it from fragilely breaking.
  • Try to avoid getting too many manicures.
    • A study concluded that individuals that got manicures regularly suffered from fragile, weak, and broken nails more often. They became dependent on getting manicures. The study believed that this was due to all the harsh chemicals and shared tools.
  • Avoid acetone-based nail polish removers and nail polishes with harsh chemicals.
    • Acetone-based nail polish removers do work but they literally strip the nail and lead to nails becoming delicate. Zoya is the number one brand in making nail polishes and nail polish removers without the harsh chemicals like toluene.   
  • Avoid rough emery boards and limit the amount of hand washing.
    • Emery boards used at professional manicure places often are too rough and can cause tiny fissures. It is necessary to wash hands to prevent spreading germs but is it also important to moisturize afterwards so that the nail bed does not become frail.