Natural Hair Care

The harsh winter weather is notorious for drying out hair. There are many hair products available, but the problem is that a lot of them use ingredients that do not actually repair hair. There are a few natural solutions for these problems.

The first is to make sure that the body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs from either food sources or supplementation. Vitamin A is essential for all cell growth. B vitamins are responsible for bringing oxygen to the scalp and hair loss can become a serious problem if there are not enough B vitamins in the body. Biotin can be effective as a hair growth treatment as a deficiency can cause hair loss. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that blocks free radical damage and vitamin D can help generate new follicles. Vitamin E is responsible for preventing oxidative stress and iron brings oxygen and blood flow to the scalp.

The second is to nourish the hair with all-natural hair masks as it is best to avoid putting chemicals on the hair whenever possible. Here are a few hair masks listed below.

  • Clarifying Hair Treatment:
    • 2 Tablespoons Sea Salt
    • 1-2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
    • 1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Extra Conditioning/Repairing:
    • 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
    • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • Hair Growth:
    • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
    • 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
  • Dandruff Treatment:
    • Coconut Oil
    • Lemon Juice
  • Hair Growth:
    • Coconut Oil
    • Aloe Vera
  • Hair Repair:
    • Coconut Oil
    • Egg

As for why some of these ingredients work:

Coconut Oil –

Coconuts are very rich in healthy fats, so coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft to keep it strong, healthy, and soft. It can prevent breakage and nourish the scalp. Nourishing the scalp can lead to hair growth.

Honey –

Honey is known for being a humectant. This means it retains moisture and provides nourishment. It can also smooth the hair shaft and make hair appear shinier.

Cinnamon –

Cinnamon will help tackle hair loss and dandruff since it has antimicrobial properties. It also is very powerful and can stimulate hair growth by bringing blood flow to the follicles.

Lemons –

Lemons are a holy grail for oily scalps. They are acidic in nature, have antifungal properties, and will clean the scalp of any impurities.

Eggs –

Eggs are known to be a rich source of vitamins, protein, and fatty acids. All three are necessary for healthy hair growth.

The third is to make sure that a shampoo without harsh chemicals is used. The harsh chemicals can strip the hair of shine and can leave hair looking lifeless. Andalou Naturals makes many different kinds of shampoos that are tailored to different hair types.