The Importance of Green Cleaning

Many individuals have become more conscious of the things they put in their bodies. They now strive to eat healthier foods with organic ingredients that are free of preservatives. A significant portion of individuals also recognizes the dangers of using household products loaded with chemicals. Many cleaning products have warning labels like “Toxic!” or “Flammable!”. This is usually an indication that the components are harmful to humans, pets, and the environment.

Household cleaning supplies contain substances that can be harmful to little kids. Not surprisingly, household cleaning supplies are in the top five reasons for calls to the National Poison Control center. It’s also important to safeguard the skin when using chemicals. Skin is the largest organ and can absorb good or bad things that makes contact with. The bad things can contain endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, carcinogens, and mutagens. This can also be easily avoided by making the switch to natural cleaning supplies.

Harsh cleaning supplies pollute the indoor air that we continuously breathe in. This can mess with the nervous system, liver, and kidneys. It can worsen respiratory conditions and cause various symptoms like headaches and coughing.

Natural alternatives are non-toxic, safe, and made with biodegradable compounds that do not affect the environment in an undesirable way. Moving on, it sounds like natural cleaning supplies will cost a lot more. However, many natural cleaning supplies can easily be made. There are also multi-purpose products so it is not necessary to buy different products.

The brand, Mrs. Meyers, has various and affordable products that can have many purposes and last a while. As pointed out earlier, the best part is that natural alternatives are that they can be made at home for an easy and cheap alternative to conventional products. An easy “Clean Everything Lemon-Lime” spray can be made from one lemon, one lime, one cup distilled white vinegar, and one cup water. Essential oils can also be added to a mixture of things like castile soap, water, and vinegar in order to make fresh-smelling products. The top five essential oils for cleaning are lemon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and orange.