Benefits of Having a Pet and How to Care for Them Properly

There’s no denying that having a pet can be a lot of work. Pets can be very time consuming but the benefits of having one are endless. Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” and there are many justifiable reasons for this.

Dogs provide companionship, can help with anxiety, relieve stress, make their owners more social, lower blood pressure, and even lower the risk of heart disease in their owners. Intriguingly, a study concluded that there was a correlation between cardiovascular health and dog owners. Dog owners had a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases. This conclusion was still found to be true even after accounting for various factors (smoking, socioeconomic status, and body mass index).

Pets can do so much for us but how can we ensure that we are treating them in the best possible way? A lot of “premium” dog food on the market is full of ingredients that furry friends do not need. Many people are not aware that pet food is made up of the waste products from food that is made for human consumption. Pet food advertisements will make it look like the pet is getting top of the line chicken in their food. The truth is that there is barely any chicken in it. It is essentially just what was left over from manufacturers for human consumption. These “premium” pet foods also often consist of corn and soy as their main ingredients. Corn and soy are sprayed heavily with toxic pesticides and a lot of it is genetically modified. Many of us have realized that humans should avoid those two genetically modified ingredients so shouldn’t they also be removed from the diet of our pets? Eating these ingredients may potentially lead to chronic health problems in, pets but it is preventable.

Conscientious pet owners should do their research before buying food for their pets. The internet is a great resource, but a veterinarian can also usually suggest the best pet food options. Many pets will face various ailments throughout their lives and companies like Pet Wellbeing offer gentle and natural options to help with those minor symptoms. It is important to take care of our pets properly. It is our job to ensure that they get the proper nutrition that they need.