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Jan 5 / Peter Lichtenberg

A New World

Debbie and Peter in Arcadia, Michigan

Much to my surprise, I discovered two major things this holiday season. The first was that I was ready for a joyful and meaningful Christmas. I had really enjoyed buying gifts this year but I wasn’t certain how the actual day would go. It was calm, happy and celebratory. The second was that I came to recognize how much my own triggers of grief and abandonment fears had been affecting me. I couldn’t describe why it was happening but I was often feeling like a pendulum swinging from the present to the past. Bringing these two together, and with an amazing amount of patience and support from Debbie, I not only had a wonderful Christmas with my children, but also found myself wanting to be ever present in my current life.

Across these many months Debbie and I have been quietly building the roots for an ever more satisfying and deepening relationship. Our increasing understanding and acceptance of each other, along with the fun, conversation, adventures and closeness we share came even more to light. This may be my last blog because I am learning that letting go is part of moving ahead. Not forgetting, of course, but letting go of the past relationship for sustenance and esteem. I will still share my story in presentations, and help others to share theirs, but my own emotional life, my home life with my children, my relationship with Debbie and her children, and my friendships, occupy my heart and mind now.


  1. Peter Lichtenberg / Jan 23 2017

    Thank you Frances and Carol:

    I so appreciate the support you have both given me throughout the past several years and now!!
    my very best,

  2. Frances Shani Parker / Jan 22 2017


    Thank you for sharing your very personal journey with us. You may never know how many people you have inspired through your revelations. Each post offered its own enlightening gift. The photo of you and Debbie clearly reflects that you hold each other dear. I celebrate the joy you have found in your new world!

    Happy endings,

  3. Carol / Jan 12 2017

    Wonderful–I could not be more happy for you and your new beginnings.

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