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Sep 23 / Daniel Herrle

Video games as art?

It seems as though the debate to define ‘what is art?’ is a never ending one, with consistent new challengers. However, I was actually surprised to find that a large portion of the art community denies video games as an art form. Now, it’s not uncommon that when I tell people i’m a graphic designer, they make the assumption that I am a gaming wizard and that someday I will be working on ‘Grandtheft Auto 57: Who cares, you’re going to buy it anyway’. Truth be told, i’m horrible at most video games, so I always find this assumption to be strange. However, for my colleagues who find their way into game design, I never really thought i’d see the day where their artistic identity was being challenged.

Here is the full article: 

The author of this article basically summarized their point by siting a recent study that was done that found that of people who call themselves “Gamers”, only 1 out of 10 of them actually completed a game they had purchased. To apply this to other art forms, that might be like saying, “Well, i viewing Starry Night by Van Gogh, but I haven’t completed viewing it yet.” While this might be unheard of in the realm of painting, I don’t entirely agree that it fully discredits game art as a true art form. Perhaps the player might not be getting the full aesthetic experience of the game art designers work, the question arrises, “Who do we create art for?” This is tricky to answer, as the most obvious answer would be that game art is created entirely for the players. Do we know this for a fact? Do we know for a fact that each and every game designer is doing this and only this? The same could be said for graphic artists, yet most of us still hold true to our artistry.