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Jan 30 / Esmeralda

Pattern Langauges

The Timeless way of building by Christopher Alexander Chapter 10 & 11.

Notes on the readings.
Essentially to be able recognize Patterns in everything. Although the readings are speaking in regards to buildings, communities and cities, it can be applied to everything.
Applied to Design – the patterns are the basic principles learned that are used unconsciously when making designs.
When applied to PCs – its the essentials needed for an operating system, that is able to build on with adobe software all have common tools used. from Illustrator to Photoshop those basic tools are available and building upon.

These examples explain this idea of a pattern language, humans in general have all this learned knowledge, that is applied to different things. Its the manner is which this knowledge is used to make things.

Its like baking, you know the basics measuring cups, baking pans, ingredients necessary to make a successful cake. But ultimately its the extra ingredients – your personal touch added is what makes it a language. its this language that is created and repeated over and over that makes it a pattern language. And although there is a pattern and repetition in the creating of your cake, it is still different to that last one made, never comes out the same.

Jan 28 / Esmeralda

Hello world!

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