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Sep 12 / Frank Addo

Wale Concert

When I heard about the D.C rapper Wale coming to the Majestic to perform, I was very excited. I obtained my ticket on the first day that tickets were available (September 1st). During the following days I constantly asked people if they would be attending the show. Some said “Yes”, while others remarked “I have never heard a Wale song in my life. I don’t even know who he is, why will I want to go?”


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Whether those people would be attending or not became less of a concern to me on the actual day–September 8th–of the first event of this new Wayne State tradition (I hope “Thursdays in the D” can stick around). I knew that I was going and intended on having a good time once I got to the venue.  The Majestic is within walking distance from campus, but when you are tired everything seems further away. Of course the shuttles were running and of course that was the only form of transportation I was taking.  A few minutes and a few blocks later, we arrived to find a semi-long line of fellow WSU ticket holders. Standard procedures took place, we entered, and were ready to have a blast!

The DJ was playing a few tunes and everyone was getting into their concert/dancing groove. The opening acts then came on stage to start the show. They were passionate, energetic and excited to be up there doing what they love to do. The music was great, but the sound was not at certain points (at times one could barely hear what the performers were saying). The main opening act was local Detroit Hip-hop group Cold Men Young. They definitely had the crowd intrigued and performed a nice selection of songs (“Walking away” was one of those songs. It was catchy and included exceptional lyricism).

Time had gone fast and soon the crowd was chanting “Wale! Wale! Wale!” The intermission took quite a bit, but the man of the hour was finally on the stage. He started off with “600 Benz”, which was released on the Maybach Music Group compilation tape Self Made in May. Other new songs were performed as well, but the older material was also incorporated nicely. “Chilling“, his first single off his debut album Attention deficit, “90210” (also featured on Attention deficit), and the much older “Nike Boots” were just a few of the older songs performed.

The highlight of the night probably came when he performed the popular “No hands“. Practically everyone knew the entire song and there wasn’t really a need for him to even utter out a word during that session.

Ultimately the show was good; Not great, but good. The interaction with the crowd was well appreciated, especially for the few in the front that got their hats autographed and hands touched. I just felt like the intermission was too long, the sound wasn’t particularly great, and Wale should have performed longer. I’m not complaining though. The entire event was well-organized and successful (thanks to DOSO, the Concert Committee, the Majestic employees and the well-behaved students), there were no disruptions or fights, it was free, and I’m sure everyone had a nice time.

Certainly looking forward to more Thursdays in the D events!

Catch you this thursday (September 15th) for the Casino Night at The Detroit Historical Museum!

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