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Font Mannerisms Reflection

For the font mannerisms assignment I was given the font family Adobe Garamond Pro.  It was helpful to layer the regular, bold, italic and italic bold versions over one another.  This made it easy to see the specific differences each category possesses. It was also informative to display the increasing font size and leading with our eight descriptive words and how they interact with one another.

Moving on to section 2.1, the creative portrayal of a part of the anatomy with the use of color assisted once again in determining the varying factors of each font category; and how each part of the anatomy differs from  each other.  I feel mine were successful with representing the difference in each part of the anatomy chosen and visually appealing also.  I also greatly benefited from homework section 2.2 . My composition got much better after the critique and comparison of the good and bad things that other students were doing.  This was mostly in part to sticking to an organized theme, and decreasing font size for the identifying titles for each part of the anatomy.

In section 3, we chose 2 of our 8 adjectives that we created for our font family in section 1.  For each of the two adjectives we added 8 more adjectives to help us guide our design of using two or more glyphs.  I had a lot of fun with this section.  It had more to do with design, but while designing I began to notice more of the nuances between the glyph characteristics within the font family.  My goal for this section of the assignment was to really create a strong sense of balance in all 20 compositions.  Some worked out better than others, but I am very happy with the majority of them.

It was informative to use a wire binding on this project.  I had previously not used that method, but I understand why we will no longer be using that method for the remainder of this class. I can think of some uses for it going forward, but will refrain from using it for the most part. I feel that I was successful in this project and learned a lot along the way.

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Posted by Ryan Caldwell on October 22, 2014

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