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  This book has evolved from notes that where later on made into a design. Its shows my work over the semester. I have made and organized a book for all my process. The book has been design to give a clear understanding and easy to follow. I wanted to show what I have achieved, also show the long hours and problem solving that went in to my projects. I’ve work so hard and come so far. This learning experience would have never happened if it wasn’t for my Professor Daneil McCafferty. He push and inspirited me to do my best and notice the smallest detail

 20141209_215149 20141209_23270020141209_21253220141209_212540_HDR20141209_212546

Over the pass few days, I’ve been working on my work process book. I started by looking over some book layouts and taking them into consideration to my layout. Once I had an idea about layouts I created a dummy. By hand placing where I wanted the text and images to go, also I number the page to see where I should place the page in the InDesign program. Once I finished with the dummy, I began to work on the computer placing images and moving around text in till I got the finished produce I desired.


10 Dec 2014

Tracking Exercise


During Class hours we split in to groups, this exercise allowed us to interact with the typeface  physically instead of staring at a computer screen. These letter where printed out on computer paper and we took that extra step and cut them out with an x-acto knife, then after we had cut them out we began to lay out the letters. Each letter was careful measurements and place accordingly to each specific letter.

20141120_212410933_iOS 20141120_212425508_iOS 20141120_212323585_iOS.

24 Nov 2014


inspiring-typography-girl-10 typography_2

I’ve never thought as type to be beautiful, to me it was just information on a paper. This semester I started researching typography. The more I learned, the more I notice type and what you can do with it. What caught my eyes was designing with type.


6405910963_6c14a0a288_z arabic_typography_by_melnour-d6lmqaa

Arabic typographic is also beautiful. There are so much ways you can change the letter form itself and still make sense of it. The Arabic vocabulary has multiple letter forms for a single letter. Which makes it all the more fun to use.

F7_China01 thumb_Chunxia-2

Chinese, one of the most difficult language. It’s beautiful in show much ways. It’s letterform looks abstract, you forget that it is actual a letters. This inspirited me to take a step back and figure away I could do this in the English language in my own and creative way.


19 Nov 2014

Type Crimes

Type Crimes

These are examples of type crimes in Thinking about type by Ellen Lupton. This was very helpful and clear. I’ve learned a lot about type crimes and things i should stay away.

List of things to watch out for

  1. Size
  2. Scale
  3. Type Families and “pseudo family members”
  4. Caps, small caps and “pseudo caps”
  5. Mixing Typefaces
  6. Punctuation
  7. Tracking
  8. Line Space
  9. Alignment
  10. Vertical text
  11. Marking paragraphs
  12. Hierarchy


1. Size

Some type faces that work well at larger sizes look too fragile when reduced.



Minimal  differences in type size make this design look tentative and arbitrary.


3. Type Families

(PSEUDO ITALICS) The wide, ungainly forms of these mechanically skewed letters look forced and unnatural.


4. Capitals and small Capitals

(PSEUDO SMALL CAPS) Helvetica was never meant to include small caps. These automatically generated characters  look puny and starved; they are an abomination against nature.


5. Mixed Typefaces

Typefaces from the same family are to close in weight to mix well or provide a counter point to eachother.


6. Punctuation

Quotation marks carve out chunks of white space from the edge of the text.



7. Line Spacing

auto spacing yields an uneven effect






21 Oct 2014

Fictional Letterforms

For this project, we were given three different fonts, we where asked to select one. Once we selected the font, we had to redraw it and analyze the similarities. I chose ITC New Baskerville Roman. First we had to redraw the selected letters and glyphs. This help me to understand and see what font I wanted to chose. Once I selected the font I began to analyze parts of each letter and draw them out. For the third part I had too recreate a font with different letters. I felt that my letter fit in to the alphabet, it did not look like a glyph but more like a continuation of the alphabet.






















20 Oct 2014

Mannerism Final Project

I have enjoyed working on this project, it was challenging yet very interesting. After spending many hours working on this project, I think I have accomplished the right outcome. This project has taught me to notice the little details, and from this my work can accelerate. My instructor has pushed us beyond our limits and this has made us notice the finest details. As a student I appreciate the encouragement from my professor. I can say that this experience has allowed me to identify my font family and realize the difference between the font families.
1 MannerismText type1Text type2Text type3Text type4Text Compared 5Analyzing 6GMOXYGlyphs 2Glyphs 1Meanings to me


I’ve been working on my Mannerism project and its much more challenging then I thought it would be, this is what I have so far. I am still working and editing it.

M  roughY roughMODERN ELEGANT Darftgyphs draft

3 Oct 2014

g study

Looking for a difference in each g.


16 Sep 2014

Project 1 Typography

photoDuring our process to successfully complete our project, we were in a group in of 4; Ciara, MaNazah, Joey and I. We organized a group meeting to discuss what letters and what style we would like to agree on. We decided that we were go-ing to choose minimal. We also decided that Ciara and Manazeh are going to find letters N-Z and ?,*. For joey and I, we had letters A-M and $ ,!. We also agreed on capital letters which we thought was better for the look of our font face. We went outdoors and began to look for our assigned letter. It was much harder than we thought it would be. The next day after our scavenger hunt, we had gathered all of the letters. We began to pick the best that fit the minimal look. It took quite a while for us to decide what letters are going to be used, after a mo-ment of thinking, we decided what the letters that we were going to be using, we also began to decide how we were going to crop these images to look the best that they can be, as well as figuring out what colors we wanted them. We chose a gray scale to minimize the fonts and stay on track with the simple look. Every font we chose looked very similar, very urban and city like. We decide that the name of the collation of letter is going to be cimple city. We found it to be every clever. The letters were very simple and straight forward. After the final meeting we separated and began to work with the images. Although they were very dif-ferent, they were all still similar in look. We worked very hard and thought about these fonts every day. I hope you like what you see.


8 Sep 2014

Hello everyone,

My name is Mariam Dakroub,

I am currently working on a bachelor of arts, my consternation is graphic design. I hope to graduate in the fall of 2015.  The typeface that appealed to me was Kozuka Gothic, I found it easy to read because of the thickness of the font.

28 Aug 2014