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Apr 21 / Travis Larzelere

This is a Generic Brand Video

Hilarious self promotion video for a stock footage company!



Apr 19 / Travis Larzelere

Font ID tools!

Screenshot (32)Have you ever been browsing the the interwebz and seen that one font on that one web page?

Well I just found two super useful font identification bookmarklets for your browser! The first one is called Fount the second is Whatfont Tool, they are both super simple to use and work great! You simply activate the tool from your bookmark menu, hover over a text you want to identify on a web page, and click. This will show the information of the text then you can just disable the tool until next time.  The Whatfont Tool also tells the color of the font being used if that may be of more interest to some of you.

Apr 17 / Travis Larzelere


to kim

Mar 27 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Final forms

letterforms_Artboard 2 letterforms-01

I have finish my exploration of the letterforms and am happy with the results! Above are a couple layouts I made that I thought would help visualize the the whole process very simply, tell me what you think!



Mar 19 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Building a Typeface

Screenshot (26) 2

Here is an update on on my modular typeface still working some kinks out!

Mar 11 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Modules to Letterfoms

I have started to explore the modules to build letter forms.

Screenshot (25)

I played with several different methods of building but have now decided to take two of my strongest modules that visually portray my selected words magnification and oppressive.


I took these two modules shown above and broke them down further into like parts. This was all part of a rigid process to try and capture to words being depicted it felt almost mathematical to me like factoring.


These are the results of breaking the two modules down together, leaving me to experiment with three of them at a time. Below are some of my results but I am not quite happy with them as of now and will continue my exploration. Thanks for looking!

Screenshot (12) Screenshot (11) Screenshot (9)

Mar 7 / Travis Larzelere

Noma Bar

Noma is not necessarily a typographer, but I have found a lot of inspiration from him especially along with the current project: constrained systems. He deals with negative space in all his works and touches on topics concerning political and social issues. Here is a brief biography from his site:

Israeli-born Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art& Design before moving to London in 2001.

Describing his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer, Noma states he’s “after the maximum communication with minimum elements”. His two stunning and highly acclaimed books, The Many Faces of Noma Bar and Negative Space have become a must have for the design industry.

and here is a link to more of his works:

noma-bar-1-25-copy noma-bar-1-5-copy1 noma-bar-1

Mar 7 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Method and Thumbnails

Screenshot (4)Screenshot (3)  Screenshot (5) Screenshot (13)

To start my process I searched the basic definitions of the two words I had chosen, “magnification” and “oppression”, then wrote them down. Afterwards I brainstormed a list of descriptive words, feelings, and associations that I felt embodied each word. Before I began exploring the modules, I selected images that visually portrayed the words or evoked the emotions and feelings I associated with the words based on the previous definition and brainstorm. While I searched for the images I looked for examples that depicted the word physically, visually, literally, emotionally, and mentally. I then used all of this information and began my thumbnails, basing the compositions off of the words, the connotations, and the images I came up with and relating them in some fashion.


These are the resulting modules




Feb 28 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Research (Oppressive & Magnification)

cancer_1544969c Algae_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_1000x micro1 NGC_6302_Hubble_2009.full PhilcUK-1274438506

Feb 28 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Research (Magnification)

Magnification – the action or process of magnifying something or being magnified, esp. visually.
Brainstorm: blowing up, enlarging, more legible, negative space, between the lines, hidden aspects, not visible to the eye, pixelated

inkjtp02 magnified text-c84 Image-Metal_Foam_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_10x_b Algae_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_1000x