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Feb 18 / Evan Boucher

notes on grid, grid systems, and armatures

important statements and ideas

-Armatures, grids and grid systems, frameworks devised to assist hierarchy, help to structure both elements and space.

-Armatures underly and bind elements through deliberate but fairly random placement
ruled by “intuitively” divided space. Armatures employ principles of alignment, visual
proportion, balance and harmony similar to the instinctive logic governing a
compositionally satisfying drawing.

-Grids also underlie and bind elements but with structural in addition to visual rules
governing placement.

-asymmetry served to differentiate and compartmentalize information; dramatic typographic contrasts and flat, geometric shapes arrested and    directed the eye guiding it to and through text.

-Grid systems put similar principles to work except within a calculated program. an organizational map, so to speak, to which every element  submits

these points I find are the most important and summarize the article into its simplest form.

As I become more familiar with grids I can see that they are very important for the design process when it comes to certain types of layouts. I don’t find that all layouts need a grid structure or system but they are definitely useful for planning out designs and make it much easier for placing elements within the boundaries. To some extent it takes out the second guessing.


Dec 11 / Evan Boucher

process work before photocopying

 If you look closely you can see that the content is pasted on the template

Nov 27 / Evan Boucher

modification critique

Nov 27 / Evan Boucher

conspicuous critique

Nov 19 / Evan Boucher

Constrained systems: Expedition

Nov 19 / Evan Boucher

constrained systems: graceful

Nov 6 / Evan Boucher

drinking with my friends

This is kind of a lame post but bars pack a ton of advertisements on every inch of their walls and it is mostly concerning beer or liquor BUT all of these ads are created in different typefaces. Go to a bar and try to find the same typeface on any two different ads. I bet it won’t happen. My specific awareness to this happened at Stone Pub in downtown Wyandotte. Also I have educated my friends on serif and sans serif fonts and now they will never forget even if they don’t care.

Nov 6 / Evan Boucher

constrained system visual research

constrained systems research

Sep 13 / Evan Boucher

Piet Zwart

It always seems like people involved in art in earlier times work in industrial design or as some type of draftsman, then fall into what they are known for. Its like once you become apart of the designer world you can design almost whatever you want.

Sep 13 / Evan Boucher

comments on the reading

In regards to the reading, I thought it was very interesting.  I am a big fan of history especially from an art and anthropological view so I think it is very interesting and cool that letter forms were based off the gestures of the human body.  That all relates to how different societies and cultures were creating their own letters based on their specific forms of expression.  I also think it is great that we are still able to use the same typefaces as everyone else almost 500 years ago, that’s pretty cool.