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Nov 19 / Katie Buddingh

Project 4 – Constrained Systems

At the beginning of Project 4, each student was given two words. My words were Energetic and Destruction.

For the first part of the project, we were instructed to define our words, brainstorm the connotations and find images as examples.

Energetic: Showing or involving great activity or vitality.


          – Alert

          – Awake

          – Movement

          – Fast

          – Bouncy

          – Jumpy

          – Hyper

          – Caffeinated


Energetic 4

Energetic 3

Energetic 2Energetic 1


Destruction: the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.


– Broken

– Damaged

– Anger

– Chaos

– Demolished

– Pieces


Destruction 1 Destruction 2

During the second part of the project we were introduced to the idea of modular fonts. We got to choose between circles and squares. I decided to do my project using squares. Then we made thumbnail sketches with the intent to use the modular forms to portray our words.

My thumbnail sketches will be scanned after I get my Process Work back.

When working on this project I found it helpful to look up some modular type on the Internet. Here are some of my favorite images I found:

Example 3

Example 2 Example 1


My final project looked like this:




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  1. Ivona Sopic / Dec 1 2013

    I really like Energetic, each letter does give the feeling of being “pumped up” and ready to go. And the fact that some of them are not sitting right on the base line definitely adds to the effect. Looks good!

  2. Emilio Cardiel / Nov 24 2013

    I don’t think it came through as well in the crit but I really liked your “energetic”. Each letter can stand on its own and I think it’s fairly difficult to display “energetic” without having things flying everywhere.

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