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Oct 7 / Katie Buddingh

Project 2 – Font Mannerisms


Baskerville – designed in 1757

Typeface Designer: John Baskerville

Transitional Serif Typeface

Deberny & Peignot Linotype Foundry

Project-2-Part-1.1-Bold Project-2-Part-1.1-Itallic Project-2-Part-1.1-Regular Project-2-Part-1.1-SemiBold Project-2-Part-1.2 Project-2-Part-2.1 Project-2-Part-2.2-G Project-2-Part-2.2-Q Project-2-Part-2.2-T Project-2-Part-2.2-X Project-2-Part-3-Balanced Project-2-Part-3-Uninviting


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  1. Ivona Sopic / Dec 1 2013

    You’re anatomy compositions are all so clear in what they are trying to compare. I also love the simplicity of the last two, because it really works in not overdoing it on highlights and creates a cool composition. I do like the zoomed in approach of the first two as well, you get a very detailed look at the slightest differences.

  2. Sabrine Ismail / Nov 20 2013

    Your visual interpretation of the connotation “uninviting” is my favorite out of the group. There is still a sense of organization even through all the chaos of the lettering, which I have major appreciation for.

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