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Aug 28 / Sondra Auerbach

General Engineer – Detroit VAMC

Department of Veterans Affairs

Job Overview -Summary

Technical Career
Vacancy Identification Number (VIN): 2004317

The TCF is a national workforce development program within VHA that was designed to replenish technical staff in critically identified positions. The TCF career fields represent those technical fields where VA-specific knowledge and experience is desirable for success in the field, individuals selected follow a formal training plan for two years during which they are trained, coached, and supervised by a preceptor. Preceptors are selected annually, through an extensive application process, for their technical expertise, their commitment to training and the suitability of their facility as a training location. *Selectee will be required to sign Mobility, Training, and Continued Service Agreements.

The TCF trainee’s is a comprehensive two-year program designed to train candidates for positions within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This program provides the foundation for developing interns from entry level to full performance level. It includes planned training, rotational assignments, and on-the-job work experiences.

With more than 150 medical centers and hundreds of clinics nationwide, it is possible that you will need to relocate for a position. You will be required to sign a mobility statement before entering the TCF program. If relocation is necessary for permanent placement, VA pays for moving expenses.

TCF Trainee must sign a Mobility Agreement and a Continued Service Agreement prior to being admitted into the program.

Mobility Agreement – all TCF Trainees are required to sign a mobility agreement. This involves prior agreement to accept VA reassignment to another facility that may require the services of the intern if the facility that has completed the Interns training does not have an opening for the Intern.

Continued Service Agreement – Requires a minimum of 3 years service to the VA after successful completion of internship (in addition to 2 years in internship).

-Voluntarily leave VHA prior to the completion of the two year internship, requires repayment of training/travel, NTE $10k

-Voluntarily leave VHA prior to completion of the 3 years of service, requires repayment of training/travel, NTE $10k

TCF Trainee must complete 1 year (Time-In-Grade at the grade hired) in the program before they will be promoted. The National HTM office will not cover promotions before the 1 year mark.

Note: Initial assignment upon completion of the program will be made based on the needs of VHA. The initial assignment may not be at this facility. Incumbent will be expected to accept assignment at any VA facility.

This position is a developmental position, reporting directly to the Chief, Engineering Service and can be assigned duties at any of the facilities within the system.

Major Duties – Individual will assist journey level engineers by completion of minor, less completes phases of projects to assist in completion of those projects.  Incumbent will adapt standard practices to specific situations.  Incumbent is expected to make preliminary selections and adaptations of engineering alternatives, but must receive approval from the supervisor before carrying out a sequence of details.  Repetitive assignments are normally completed under general supervision.

Please go to the posting on the website for more details.

The position closes Sept 8, 2017.
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