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Jul 15 / Sondra Auerbach

Database Administrator – Wayne State Univ – FullTime Position



Wayne State University’s C&IT has an immediate opening for a Database Administrator.

Go to to apply.

Posting Number 040959
Position Title: Database Administrator – C&IT

Essential Functions (Job Duties):

  • Plan, install, maintain, test, and support the assigned database management system and its related products to keep system software current for customers and technical staff;
  • Assure the compatibility and efficiency of database applications through ongoing system monitoring and evaluation;
  • Analyze business practices and create data models and information flow charts to define application system requirements;
  • Evaluate and tune system performance and provide system integration staff with information to optimize the database system and minimize potential problems;
  • Provide technical expertise on database management systems to customers and IT staff who are implementing applications in a database environment; and
  • Design, implement, and maintain standards and procedures to ensure the integrity and security of database applications.

Unique Duties

  • Qualifications Knowledge of overall computer operations procedures, operating systems, and platforms;
  • Knowledge of networking topologies, configurations, and technologies;
  • Knowledge of database management systems, languages, procedures, and controls;
  • Skill in the use of database management tools and processes;
  • Ability to logically work through a problem and develop optimal solutions; and
  • Ability to work independently on complex problems, making detailed analyses until the problem is identified and resolved.
  • Sound understanding of the technical aspects of information technology, typically acquired through a formal undergraduate computer science program and one or two years of directly related experience; and
  • Some experience in a programming function such as systems software or applications development.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Considerable experience in installing, maintaining, configuring and tuning Oracle databases supporting Oracle in a Unix environment.
  • Considerable experience in scripting in a Unix environment.
  • Considerable experience in installing, maintaining, configuring and tuning SQL Server databases.
  • Considerable experience in installing, maintaining, configuring and tuning Apache and Oracle Fusion Middleware environments.
  • Considerable experience installing, configuring and deploying applications in an Oracle database and Fusion Middle environments
  • Considerable experience in installing, maintaining, configuring and tuning the Cognos product
  • Some experience in installing, maintaining and tuning the Ellucian Banner Suite of products.

This is the specialist level where incumbents are responsible for the design and installation of database management system software and applications and for monitoring database usage. Incumbents work independently under general management review and have leadership roles in projects involving existing database and business applications systems. They analyze information on performance and space management to identify trends and plan for the future. They have a high degree of technical proficiency in the design and implementation of database applications and are fully knowledgeable of the operating relationships between their assigned databases and their operating or applications systems. They are the Subject Matter Expert for a major database technology or application and provide third tier support in the resolution of operating problems.

Salary Ballpark: $76,948

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