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Jan 11 / Thomas Fischer

Guiding principles for General Education reform




At its inception, the General Education Reform Committee (GERC) defined a four-step process to follow towards our goal of reviewing of the University’s current General Education program and formulating recommendations for a future curriculum.  During our first step (our “Starting Line”) we spent a good deal of time listening to and learning from the university community. We conducted on-line surveys for faculty, staff, students, and alumni, and held a series of focus groups that allowed for more wide-ranging conversations.  The information we gathered from these interactions has been summarized and posted on our committee web site.

Based upon what we had learned,  the committee drafted a set of Principles to guide our process moving forward.  This draft was discussed in two Town Halls held at the end of fall semester that were attended by around one hundred faculty and staff. The committee revised the Principles based upon the feedback we received in the Town Halls; this document is now available to download from our web site.

Using these Principles, the committee has now moved to the third phase of our process, which will be to construct the Learning Outcomes upon which the curricular framework will be developed.  As with the development of the Principles, we intend to discuss these outcomes in public forums which we hope to schedule soon.  We hope that you will join us in these important conversations.

We would very much like to hear your views on the Principles, or any aspect of the work of the committee to date. You can leave a public comment on this blog, or you can email the committee directly at:

For the GERC,

Tom Fischer

Associate Professor of Psychology and Committee co-chair

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