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Dec 1 / Thomas Fischer

What campus community focus groups revealed about our shared goals for General Education

As an integral part of our process, the General Education Reform Committee  (GERC) held a series of focus groups with the campus community on our shared vision for General Education (GenEd). Our conversations were centered around three main areas:

  1. Perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of our current program
  2. Our shared values for general education
  3. Goals and outcomes for a future general education program

This is to announce the availability of our third and final integrative summary of these sessions, Goals for a future general education program. These summaries are organized around points of consensus that emerged from the focus groups, supplemented by responses on campus-wide surveys we administered in parallel to these sessions. All of the summaries, an overview of our process of data collection, a summary of our focus group data, and detailed summaries of the survey responses are posted here:

What we heard in our focus groups can be best captured under the following goals for General Education:

  1. A program that is streamlined and coherent
  2. A program that fosters breadth of inquiry
  3. A program that develops effective communication skills
  4. A program that fosters analytic thinking
  5. A program that is integrative

We invite you to read the summary, which you can download directly here.  We would love to hear what you think about these data. You can leave public comments directly on this blog, or you can contact the committee through our email address:


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