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Oct 26 / Thomas Fischer

What do students think about General Education at WSU?

One of the most important stakeholders in the GenEd Reform conversation is our students!  Consequently, over the past 9 months, the GenEd Reform Committee solicited input directly from WSU students in the form of Focus Groups and responses to a survey designed specifically for students.  We reached out to many different student populations at WSU and this is (in part) what we heard:

* Students do not understand why certain GenEd classes are required

* Students are frustrated by costs, scheduling, and GenEd course relevancy issues

* Students desire a simpler, smaller, more flexible GenEd program

On our committee web site, we have posted a student data summary which includes a fuller description of the student perspective, along with complete results of the student public survey; both are posted under the Engaging GenEd DATA tab.

In posting these data, we hope this will provide an additional opportunity to hear from more student voices, while also deepening our understanding of the WSU GenEd experience. Students — please let us know if we heard you correctly!

We would love to know what you think about these results. Please feel free to comment below, or if you prefer to send comments privately to our committee, we can be reached at:

For the General Education Reform Committee,

Lawrence D. Lemke

Associate Professor, Department of Geology


Jeffrey Potoff

Professor & Director of Early Engineering Programs

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science




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