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Oct 6 / Thomas Fischer

Continuing the conversation about General Education reform

Our primary goal as the General Education Reform Committee (GERC), is to ensure that the general education program reflects the values and goals of the entire campus community: faculty, staff, students, employers and alumni. To achieve this, we developed a “roadmap” of our process, which you will find at

In the first phase of our process, we have been gathering information from the university members using both on-line surveys and focus groups about their perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of our current program, the values that should underlie general education, and their opinions on the goals and outcomes for a future general education program.  Over the next few weeks, we will share these data with you.  Our reports will be announced in our blog, and posted on our web site.  Our hope is that these data will facilitate our collective conversation as the committee begins to move to phase 2, which is focused on the articulation of shared values and goals and the formulation of broad learning outcomes and objectives for Wayne State’s general education program.

Our first posting summarizes how we constructed our surveys and organized our focus groups. You can access this report by clicking going to .  Over the next couple of weeks, we will post the results of the surveys as well as summaries of our focus groups.

It is important to state that this is the beginning of our conversation, not the end.  Our committee has much left to do, and we want your voice to continue to inform our work.  Join the conversation by commenting on our blog posts or by submitting position statements to the committee.  You can also communicate directly to the committee through email:

For the GERC,

Tom Fischer, committee co-chair

Associate Professor of Psychology

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