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Oct 28 / Emily Brehmer

A lot about me and a little about this blog

I am currently a Fashion Design student at Wayne State University, but it took me a very long time to achieve this title.

When I was in High School I had a very hard time going to class. That irresponsibility, lack of motivation, and procrastination followed me to my first college, Macomb Community. After only one semester at the community college, it was obvious that if I wanted to make something of myself, I needed a significant change. Of all the options available to a 19 year old female, I decided to join the smallest military branch in the U.S., the Coast Guard.

I was so excited to finally have a plan that I wanted to enlist for 20 years and make a career out of it, but lucky for me the maximum is 6 years active duty and 4 years reserve. I really enjoyed my time in the Coast Guard and it helped change me into a responsible, diligent person, but life as a Marine Science Technician (MST) was not what I expected. In 2010, President Obama reduced military funding and the Coast Guard took the biggest hit. The branch could no longer afford to support all active and reserve members [also the time of the BP oil spill- main job of MST’s], so members had the opportunity to request early discharge. I was granted honorable discharge from the Coast Guard in 2010 and immediately enrolled into college.

I had to work hard at Macomb Community College to get my grade point average to a level that local colleges would accept, but after a year I was able to transfer to Madonna University. I attended Madonna in hopes of becoming a Forensic Scientist, but the images were far too gruesome for me to handle on a daily basis, so again, I searched for a new beginning. Unsure of what I wanted to pursue, I enrolled at Wayne State and spent 2 years pursuing different majors.

I was doing pretty well in the Sciences and Math, but honestly the stress was unbearable. I felt that I spent far too much time studying and cramming for exams, and I knew that if I had a job in the field I would most likely remain stressed. That was not a future I attended to pursue. Finally, I looked at what I really enjoyed doing, sewing, painting, simply creating beauty.

I didn’t have to look very far; Wayne State’s Fashion Design Program was a perfect fit. I did look into attending a design institute or art academy, but the narrow focus did not sound appealing. Going to a University and graduating far exceeds anything that an institute could provide. I feel it better suits you for the future because although sewing may be my main job, having writing, math, and science skills is also very important. I feel that institutes and academies are lacking in these departments. So I stayed at Wayne State University as a United States Coast Guard Veteran, Fashion Design Student.  I will be graduating in May 2014, and I have currently started work as a Dean’s Delegate. I have also worked with the Wayne State Student Veteran Organization and Advising Center.

Being unsure of what life has to offer is the best part about life, and finally finding something that fits you is tremendously rewarding.

So since this is a blog, I will share with everyone my experience at Wayne State as a Fashion Design student. I hope I’ll be able to show the talent that Wayne State is harboring in Old Main on the Second floor!

Thanks for your interest…  I hope I can keep it!

Emily Brehmer

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  1. Kelly Driscoll / Oct 30 2013

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing and thank you for serving our country, Emily.

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