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Dec 26 / karnei

Lets make Graphene

Unfortunately, producing graphene is a complicated process. Also, controlling the thickness of layered graphene sheets has been somewhat difficult up to this point. In an effort to address this, a group at the University of California, Berkeley has come up with a way to control the thickness of graphene produced. The process is described in Applied Physics Letters: “Metal-catalyzed crystallization of amorphous carbon to graphene.”

Dec 26 / karnei

World’s first diamond nanoelectromechanical switch

Dr. Meiyong Liao, a Senior Researcher of Sensor Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science, cooperated with his colleagues, succeeded in the batch fabrication of suspended structures (cantilevers and bridges) of single crystal diamond for nano/micro electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS). Based on this process, they achieved in the world the first single crystal diamond NEMS switch.