How NOT to get stressed out!!

Feeling stressed out is unavoidable – but how you respond determines your success. Being able to cope with overwhelming emotions allows you to stay focused and motivated!

Here’s some things I like to do when I’m stressed:

  1. Write in my journal – Getting the thoughts in my head out on paper frees up space for the things I want to be thinking about!
  2. Get organized – I ALWAYS feel better once I’m organized. Taking a break to clean my apartment, wash dishes or put away clothes makes me feel like I’m checking things off my to-do list, reducing my stress.
  3. Read – I keep a fictional book on my bedside so there’s a story I can get lost in for a little bit.
  4. Meditate – I definitely wouldn’t say I’m “good” at meditating and sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right, but spending 5 minutes just sitting and being (usually while I sip my coffee in the morning) really sets the tone for the rest of my day.
  5. Take a bath – After a long, stressful day, I love to a take a hot bath with my favorite bath bomb and face mask! A little self-care makes me feel ready to focus on the next task!
  6. Nap – I know this may seem a little counter-intuitive but if you have just an extra 30 minutes, taking a nap really gives your brain the break it needs and you’ll end up being more productive when you wake up!!

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Do As the Locals Do

To me, there was no question that I would go on a study abroad trip in college. I had traveled to Zambia, Africa my senior year and was bitten by the travel bug (thankfully no other bugs!).

Until I saw what it would cost.

It never occurred to me that I needed to pay for tuition on top of paying for the actual travel costs. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with study abroad trips if you can swing it – but I knew it wasn’t for me.

I realized that I would have a more fulfilling (and cheaper!) experience if I planned my own trip. Being a seasoned traveler, I prefer to travel as if I’m exploring each place as if I intend to live there on day. To me, this means researching/reading everything possible about my destination and doing as the locals do. I also personally like to travel light with only one-two buddies if not solo. Staying at hostels are a great way to meet other travelers and save money.  In addition, staying right outside of cities gives access to cheaper stays in local neighborhoods. I book most my stays through and

When it comes to cheap transportation – public transportation is a great option if it’s available! When I traveled to Italy, moving between 3 cities cost a $20 trainride – and it ended up being a beautiful way to see the country.

I read yelp reviews, travel blogs, Instagram posts, (even rewatch Anthony Bourdain) when I’m looking for where locals like to eat. If there’s no locals in the restaurant, you’re not eating authentically. Chances are tourist spot prices are inflated anyways. I have also found that booking places with full kitchens allow me to cook my own meals a couple nights – saving big $$ overall.

While traveling looks cool for the gram, I think it holds a more significant purpose in teaching you that there’s no ‘right’ way to live.  Traveling is humbling – giving you a sense a gratitude you might not find otherwise. I recommend everyone to travel outside of the country at least once in their life. New perspectives are life-changing.

The best advice I can give you is do your own research and do as the locals do. Weighing out the pros and cons of the different ways to travel is the best way to figure out what’s right for you

Leave your best travel tips below!! <3

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Grinding through school for 4 years (or more), late sleepless nights, having to choose between a social life, work or good grades – us students deserve some perks for the hard work we put in.  Luckily, throughout the years I’ve been able to take advantage of some great discounts offered to students!

More importantly, I’ve also learned that no matter where you are… it never hurts to ask (just have your ID ready!)

Are you a fashionista on a broke college student budget? I know the struggle – and so does ASOS. ASOS is an online retailer with all your favorite brands in addition to some of their own. With some many sizes and styles, there’s something for everyone. Their mission is to make fashion available for everyone so, they offer students 10% off until you graduate. 

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling across Europe for a study abroad, the best way to travel is the Eurail. If you purchase a Youth Pass for being a student, you can save an average of 35% (& spend it on drinks instead!)

Two words – Amazon. Prime. Easily the most useful website for a college student. Sign up for 6 free months of prime – get free 2day shipping + streaming movies and music. Then enjoy discounted rates for 4 years.

Like to control the aux cord? Spotify Premium has you covered. Being a student can save you 50% off a Spotify Premium account. That’s right – no ads and no limits.

Lastly, one of my favorite local discounts to help detox after the weekend, while making my body stronger is Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit. They offer 30 days unlimited for just $50. Get ready to SWEAT.

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Until next time,

D <3


“I’m so sick of my roommate eating all my food”

Looking back, living at home with my parents and commuting to school paid off big-time, as uncool as it seemed at the time. Trust me, I had my fair share of FOMO like ‘Omg, why am I not enjoying the same lifestyle as my friends who went away to school?!”. But in the end, I can tell you it was for the better and here’s why for me:

#1. SAVING MONEY. This is a given. $10K+ to share space and horrible cafeteria food? No thanks.

#2. MY OWN ROOM. Being an only child, I shuddered at the thought of sharing a room smaller than my current room….with someone else. I don’t even want to talk bathrooms or disgusting habits. yuck.

#3. LITTLE LUXURIES. Like having your car (and not paying for a spot to park all year), bike, and your favorite store around the corner. And don’t forget not paying for a washer and dryer. Thanks mom and dad.

#4. BUILD BETTER WORK EXPERIENCE. I was not limited to only on-campus jobs or jobs offered in college towns, therefore I was able to build my resume while still being in school.

Overall, the big decision of how/where to live during my time in school was based around my future goals. I knew I wanted to work in Detroit, so having opportunities to get involved with future employers led to having a job waiting for me after graduation. In addition, saving money by living at home for my undergrad allowed me to move out ALONE during grad school into a loft a 20 minute bike ride away. These were the things that were important to me so I made them a priority. Staying on campus, living with roommates or staying at home – there’s not ‘right-way’, only a right way for YOU.

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Summer Slump? Tips for Staying Productive as a College Students

It’s the time of year again, where you may only enjoying the beautiful summer days in Detroit through your school’s windows. It’s even rougher scrolling through social media seeing how everyone else is living it up while you’re stuck working. It also has a huge effect on your productivity when you’re sitting there wishing you were doing *literally* anything else. How can you combat the summer slump and increase your good mood? Here’s a few tips that have helped me get through it…. AND enjoy my summer!


This is my all-time top tip to increase productivity. Feeling like your missing out can cause you to lose focus on what’s in front of you – making it pointless to attempt to get anything done in the first place. Putting myself in a public or new space allows me to feel as if I’m ‘out’, while allowing me to focus on the work that is in front of me. Almost every public business has free wifi access at this point, so why not take advantage of it? My personal favorite spot in the city? The DIA! Lots of room for students to independently work while being immersed in beauty and culture. PLUS, admission is free for Wayne, Macomb and Oakland residents – what are you waiting for?!


Setting a work/study schedule can help you measure what you’ve accomplished, while making time for those social media breaks! This can look like work for 2 hours, break for 30 minutes, etc. OR, breaking down projects so that once you completed your part for the day, you know you have time to enjoy leftover!


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