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Jul 9 / Dominic Nanni

Must Reads July 9, 2013

Hey, folks! So. What am I reading this morning? Here’s your list of the must read articles in news for July 9, 2013.

Talking Points Memo: 

Armageddon rhetoric about the deficit? Not according to The White House. The budget deficit is projected to shrink by $759 billion.

Republican obstruction on immigration reform? You bet.

The Washington Post: 

The resurrection of Eliot Spitzer and his return to politics.

Speaking of political comebacks, who will be the next comeback story?

The New York Times: 

Ever wonder how much it costs to get a House seat?

David Brooks’s column on secular America. 

The Money Cage: 

Democrats and Redistricting


Gridlock from the Muslim Brotherhood

Local election troubles in Mexico’s Baja region

Why is the US avoiding the word “coup” when describing what happened in Egypt?

Al Jazeera: 

Failure at Gitmo

Student proests in Chile

Asylum for Eric Snowden?


There you go! Have at it!