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Jul 8 / Dominic Nanni

Rick Perry is Out

In case you haven’t been watching the news, Texas governor Rick Perry announced today that he will not be seeking a fourth term. He will leave office as the longest serving governor in Texas’s history. The news broke on twitter just a couple of h0urs ago.

This leaves a lot of questions open about Rick Perry’s future. Will he decide to run for president again? Will he retire quietly to a farm in Texas and stay out of politics forever? No one is really sure. But, the speculation has already started. One such speculator if Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. In a new blog post, he attempts to remind Gov. Perry of the potential pitfalls of running for president.

Why Rick Perry Shouldn’t Run For President Again

It would be worthwhile for Gov. Pery to heed the advice of Mr. Cillizza. But, if the primary taught us anything, he will probably forget it and run anyway.