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Jun 25 / Dominic Nanni

Intolerance Against Islam

I don’t look for stupid things on the internet. Although it is a pretty safe assumption that there is plenty of BS parading around as serious commentary, I do not go looking for it. Every once in a while though, there is something that really makes you wonder about the intelligence of people. For example, in the video below, British comedian Pat Condell makes an erroneous attack against Islam. Condell continues to spread the incorrect notion that jihad means holy war and is code for violence against all those who are not Muslims.

Muslims must reject jihad

As a college graduate, I can’t figure out why I am wasting my time responding to a wannabe intellectual. I guess I feel obliged to because part of being an intellectual, part of being an academic (and I hope to be a professor one day), is using light to disinfect ignorance and stupidity. This video is a perfect example of the pure idiocy exhibited by millions of people in the age of terrorism and violence in the Middle East.

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  1. Adam / Jun 30 2013

    agree with your views about islam in this article

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