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Jun 24 / Dominic Nanni

Been a Long Time…

Whenever I start a new writing project such as a blog, the first few weeks are always the most fruitful. After that, the realities of everyday life slowly set in and I lose both the time and energy for writing. Leonard Bernstein once said that in order to be great, one of the things you need is not enough time. I never really believed this quote until I began to spread myself too thin with a lengthy list of goals I wanted to accomplish. All that said, now I find myself on summer vacation and have both time and energy to write and share my experiences with the world.

Logging onto the website this afternoon, I read my old posts, and realized that I never wrote anything explaining what this blog was for and what I wanted to accomplish. My inaugural post should have been this mini declaration of intents and purposes but alas it never appeared. So, that is what this new post is for. My hopes, my visions, and my goals that I want to achieve using this new medium which I am still new to. While I am an avid user of social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, my experience on actual blogs is relatively limited. I guess you could say I am used to microblogging but not actual blogging.

So, what do I want to accomplish with this blog? Well, here goes.

1.) Discuss salient political issues. In doing so, I hope to foster a profound sense of respect among people who disagree, a general feeling of openness to voice whatever opinion you may have, and an atmosphere where no one feels as if they aren’t contributing to the discussion.

2.) Share MY thoughts, ideas, and feelings with the world. I do this selfishly, after all, it is my blog.

3.) Share information that you might not get anywhere else.

4.) MUSIC. Always, music. I will always post links and info about my favorite pieces (I am a huge classical music fan).

5.) Inspire my readers to possibly start their own blog or begin sharing their own thoughts with the rest of the world. Also, hopefully assist my readers in understanding both the depth and power of online communication and new media. Just imagine how much our world is shaped by forces of technology.

6.) Talk about Detroit, and not in the sense that you are accustomed to. As a native Detroiter, I am inspired to make this city better and do whatever I can to repair it’s image around the country.

That is a short list of what this blog will be about. Topics will range from music to politics to food to Detroit. Generally speaking, what I post is the result of a hat toss between competing ideas in my head. I have a strong tendency to think randomly and quickly, often with multiple ideas flying through my mind at the same time. It is often a chore to decide what exactly I want to post…mostly because there are so many things I could post!

And, there you have it. These will be my notes in the margins, the candid commentary and random thoughts of a Michigan college student who hopes to share his life with the world one day. Buckle up and welcome aboard!


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  1. Suhar / Jun 24 2013

    You’re not a native Detroiter, stop saying that. You’re a spoiled white suburban boy.
    You know nothing about the city or the hardships the people who live there go through.

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