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Apr 3 / Aaron Kozlowski

Project 5 Reflections

Project 5 was by far the most stressful and demanding project of the semester, despite how short it was. It was also the most rewarding, however. My assigned partner was Arielle, which I was happy about since I knew she was a hard worker and good designer. The Kerning Game was a fun and useful exercise, and I actually went back and replayed it to see if my score would improve, which it did. Part 1 was fairly simple and easy, but still effective. The second part of the assignment is what got stressful, though. I enjoyed writing haikus, as writing and poetry is something I’ve always enjoyed and been fairly good at. What was not enjoyable, though, was cutting letters from foamcore with a knife and no cutting board. We chose to set our letters in Futura, as it’s simple and a nice font. When I set out to cut, though, I underestimated how difficult it would be, and how time consuming. A collection 10+ hours were spent cutting out half the letters of the haiku.

However, when the haiku was installed in the hall, it all became worth it. Arielle had the idea to hide the haiku in a corner and wrap it around the wall, in line with the contents of the haiku itself. When finished, it looks really good, and based from the critique, I could tell others agreed. Since then I’ve seen many people looking at it, and I even had a friend of mine post a picture of it online because she liked it so much, without even having known it was my project. Hopefully it’ll be able to stay where it is for others to enjoy for some time.