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Mar 25 / Aaron Kozlowski

Project 4 Reflections

Project 4 was the most challenging project for me. I’m not sure if it was just the challenging of creating a new typeface with nothing but squares and circles, or conveying the right words through it, but something about it just didn’t work well with me. I began by exploring my chosen connotations of my words. However, when I started to design my typeface, I didn’t initially consider the connotations while designing the letterforms. I essentially created a typeface, and then edited it to fit my needs. I think this is what caused the most problems for me in the end. I should have based the designs around the connotations and not edited based off of them.

That being said, Project 4 still taught me important lessons in working in a grid, as well as continuing the lesson of what letters can be. The critique was definitely the most painful one for me. My craft was definitely not where it should’ve been, and placing mine next to Tyler’s allowed people to point out details and shortcomings. I did appreciate, however, when people began to point out that mine focused on different connotations than Tyler’s did, because I didn’t want there to be two of the same ideas up there. Nevertheless, this was still my weakest project.