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my interpretation of “oppressive”

17 Nov 2012

my interpretation of “magnification”

17 Nov 2012

My brainstorming for the word “magification”


1 Nov 2012

Some graffiti I found in Detroit

When looking for graffiti for this blog, I found out that my own stomping grounds on Grand River Avenue on Detroit’s west side is a treasure trove of lovely tags on the side of abandoned buildings.


1 Nov 2012

Sans Serif in Everyday Life

I saw this truck recently.  I was checking out the sans-serif and how it was positioned on the truck

25 Oct 2012

Slab Serif Typeface

I just realized that one of my favorite movies by Spike Lee, X was done for the promotion of the movie in slab serif typeface.

Maybe Rockwell?

20 Oct 2012

Hector Guimard

I learned about French designer Hector Guimard’s work last year during a Industrial Design history class.  I really enjoy his work especially what he designed for the famous Art Nouveau sign for an entrance to a Parisian subway.

I realized that I have seen his style of work before and that was when I would see old school posters and design work from the 1960s.  This was a time when more people were “rediscovering” his work and appropriated it to be a zeitgeist for the times.

19 Oct 2012

New York, New York

I really need to investigate why this is, but I really really like the typeface developed during the Art Deco and Modernism period.  Makes me think of flappers, and new money.

18 Oct 2012

Typography Sketches

I did some of these for my type class.  I can most def  see the differences in the letters within and outside the typeface.

13 Oct 2012

My Unique Letter Form project…


I really like this one I did.  It is a little off center but other than that, pretty decent.

9 Oct 2012