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Jan 3 / Dina Djedovic

Looking Forward to 2019

The photograph above is my favorite image I took in 2018. It is a picture of my family in my birth country, Bosnia. I hope to take and share many more beautiful images in 2019. Below I created a list of 30 realistic goals I hope to accomplish in 2019.  

1.            Continue to pay off debt little by little

2.            Follow through with creative ideas

3.            Reach out to important people in my life more often

4.            Share my ideas and projects with others

5.            Collaborate with others

6.            Try a new workout class

7.            Make a new friend

8.            Discover new music

9.            Cook a new meal

10.          Bake a new treat

11.          Try a few new restaurants 

12.          Travel to a new place in Michigan

13.          Travel to a new place outside of Michigan

14.          Take a solo trip

15.          Take a group trip

16.          Work on my flexibility 

17.          Use my camera more often

18.          Adopt a pet

19.          Volunteer at an animal shelter

20.          Treat myself to a facial 

21.          Move to a new place

22.          Organize my closet

23.          Learn to play a full song on the keyboard

24.          Learn to play a full song on the ukulele

25.          Visit more art exhibits

26.          Be in an art exhibit

27.          Work on a photo series

28.          Try a new art medium

29.          Make less excuses

30.          Lastly, accomplish this list