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Nov 30 / Dina Djedovic

Five of My Favorite Restaurants in Detroit

Lumen Detroit:

I went here for the first time for my friend’s birthday. The food was phenomenal! My friends and I tried many items from the menu, but the Pretzels with cheese was my absolute favorite. I think chef Gordon Ramsey would be very impressed. Not only did I love the food, but I also liked the location and atmosphere. Lumen’s is located at Beacon Park and it is modern, cool and clean. I would give Lumen Detroit five stars.


For a month, my sister wanted to try a vegan diet. It was hard finding restaurants to go to because many places do not have vegan options or very few. Seva is a wonderful restaurant that offers a completely vegetarian menu. We were told to try their GeneralTso’s Cauliflower appetizer and we are so glad we did. One word, DELICIOUS! Then, we had The Beyond Burger. This vegan burger is the best burger I have ever had and will definitely have again! Lastly, we ordered German Chocolate Cake. I have nothing, but good things to say about this amazing cake. Besides the food, I loved all the beautiful artwork on the wall that was for sale. I would also give Seva five stars!

Shake Shack:

When Shake Shack first opened downtown, people went insane! The line was out the door and around the block. The lines have gone down, but I do not recommend going at noon! I am not a big fan of massive burgers that are hard to eat, but Shake Shack has the perfect size burger. Additionally, the sauce on their burgers is why I crave their burger all the time. I highly recommend checking out this burger joint with your friends and family.

The Sugar House:

My sister introduced me to this small unique bar. If you love cocktails, you will love Sugar House! I’m not a big fan of acholic drinks, but the waiter recommended “Romeo and Juliet” and it is one of the few acholic drinks I enjoy. The bar gets very busy during the weekend, so be prepared to wait, but the wait is worth it!

Brooklyn Street Local:

This super small and cozy place in Corktown is a wonderful brunch spot with lots of vegetarian options. I am a big fan of sweets, so I ordered the Banana Walnut Pancakes. I was very pleased with this dish and it filled me up. My sister had to help me finish them. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

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