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Oct 23 / Dina Djedovic

Five Incredible Photographers You Should Know

  1. Ben Zank
Ben Zank is an American Photographer currently working in New York City. Ben is well known for his captivating portraits. Ben said his “images represent an ongoing experience of emotions that I feel, the most recent being isolation and a longing to connect with another human being.”
  1. Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith was a New York based fashion and portrait photographer. Rodney Smith’s work has been featured in Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Many people refer to Smith’s work as classic, minimalistic, and whimsical.
  1. Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier was an American street photographer. Finding Vivian Maier is an incredible documentary “about a mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later.” Most of Vivian’s work is of the people and architecture of Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.
  1. Brandon Stanton
Brandon Stanton is an American street photographer. Brandon is well known for his book Humans of New York. Humans of New York is filled with hundreds of portraits of people in New York City alongside short conversations about their lives.
  1. Brad Heaton
Brad Heaton is a commercial and music photographer. Brad is well known for his stunning images of the band, Twenty One Pilots. Brad is currently on the Bandito Tour with Twenty One Pilots and the most recent images posted on TØPs Facebook page are fantastic.
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  1. Dina Djedovic
Hey! That’s me! I am currently a photo student at Wayne State University. My goal is to take what I have learned from the photographers mentioned above and create works of art that I am proud of.
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