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Apr 8 / Dina Djedovic


Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, my friends and I took a road trip to Chicago. During our trip, we visited a museum called WNDR. WNDR is an immersive art experience that has many fun exhibits to see and interact with. In better words, WNDR is a photographer’s playhouse. My friends and I had a blast exploring all the wonders the museum had to offer. The tickets are a bit pricey ($32), but it’s one of the most unique museums I have been to. My favorite exhibit was Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room pictured above. Side note, you only have one minute to explore and enjoy the room, so use your time wisely. Overall, I highly recommend checking out WNDR if you are visiting or live in Chicago because it is not your typical museum. Make sure to buy tickets in advance because they are not sold at the door!

Feb 27 / Dina Djedovic

DAM’s Annual Scholarship Exhibition

I am happy to announce that I am one of the finalists in the Detroit Artists Market Annual Scholarship Exhibition. I am very grateful for this opportunity because I have learned a great deal preparing for this show. Five of my digital photograph prints will be displayed in the show and I am counting down the days until the opening reception on March 8th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Works of art from eleven students from Wayne State University will be showcased at the exhibition and I am really looking forward to meeting the other finalists and seeing their beautiful works of art. Make sure to mark your calendars and come support your fellow creative warriors on March 8th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Detroit Artist Market Gallery, located in the Cultural Center Area at 4719 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201

Jan 3 / Dina Djedovic

Looking Forward to 2019

The photograph above is my favorite image I took in 2018. It is a picture of my family in my birth country, Bosnia. I hope to take and share many more beautiful images in 2019. Below I created a list of 30 realistic goals I hope to accomplish in 2019.  

1.            Continue to pay off debt little by little

2.            Follow through with creative ideas

3.            Reach out to important people in my life more often

4.            Share my ideas and projects with others

5.            Collaborate with others

6.            Try a new workout class

7.            Make a new friend

8.            Discover new music

9.            Cook a new meal

10.          Bake a new treat

11.          Try a few new restaurants 

12.          Travel to a new place in Michigan

13.          Travel to a new place outside of Michigan

14.          Take a solo trip

15.          Take a group trip

16.          Work on my flexibility 

17.          Use my camera more often

18.          Adopt a pet

19.          Volunteer at an animal shelter

20.          Treat myself to a facial 

21.          Move to a new place

22.          Organize my closet

23.          Learn to play a full song on the keyboard

24.          Learn to play a full song on the ukulele

25.          Visit more art exhibits

26.          Be in an art exhibit

27.          Work on a photo series

28.          Try a new art medium

29.          Make less excuses

30.          Lastly, accomplish this list

Nov 30 / Dina Djedovic

Five of My Favorite Restaurants in Detroit

Lumen Detroit:

I went here for the first time for my friend’s birthday. The food was phenomenal! My friends and I tried many items from the menu, but the Pretzels with cheese was my absolute favorite. I think chef Gordon Ramsey would be very impressed. Not only did I love the food, but I also liked the location and atmosphere. Lumen’s is located at Beacon Park and it is modern, cool and clean. I would give Lumen Detroit five stars.


For a month, my sister wanted to try a vegan diet. It was hard finding restaurants to go to because many places do not have vegan options or very few. Seva is a wonderful restaurant that offers a completely vegetarian menu. We were told to try their GeneralTso’s Cauliflower appetizer and we are so glad we did. One word, DELICIOUS! Then, we had The Beyond Burger. This vegan burger is the best burger I have ever had and will definitely have again! Lastly, we ordered German Chocolate Cake. I have nothing, but good things to say about this amazing cake. Besides the food, I loved all the beautiful artwork on the wall that was for sale. I would also give Seva five stars!

Shake Shack:

When Shake Shack first opened downtown, people went insane! The line was out the door and around the block. The lines have gone down, but I do not recommend going at noon! I am not a big fan of massive burgers that are hard to eat, but Shake Shack has the perfect size burger. Additionally, the sauce on their burgers is why I crave their burger all the time. I highly recommend checking out this burger joint with your friends and family.

The Sugar House:

My sister introduced me to this small unique bar. If you love cocktails, you will love Sugar House! I’m not a big fan of acholic drinks, but the waiter recommended “Romeo and Juliet” and it is one of the few acholic drinks I enjoy. The bar gets very busy during the weekend, so be prepared to wait, but the wait is worth it!

Brooklyn Street Local:

This super small and cozy place in Corktown is a wonderful brunch spot with lots of vegetarian options. I am a big fan of sweets, so I ordered the Banana Walnut Pancakes. I was very pleased with this dish and it filled me up. My sister had to help me finish them. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

*Images found on google*

Oct 23 / Dina Djedovic

Five Incredible Photographers You Should Know

  1. Ben Zank
Ben Zank is an American Photographer currently working in New York City. Ben is well known for his captivating portraits. Ben said his “images represent an ongoing experience of emotions that I feel, the most recent being isolation and a longing to connect with another human being.”
  1. Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith was a New York based fashion and portrait photographer. Rodney Smith’s work has been featured in Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Many people refer to Smith’s work as classic, minimalistic, and whimsical.
  1. Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier was an American street photographer. Finding Vivian Maier is an incredible documentary “about a mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later.” Most of Vivian’s work is of the people and architecture of Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.
  1. Brandon Stanton
Brandon Stanton is an American street photographer. Brandon is well known for his book Humans of New York. Humans of New York is filled with hundreds of portraits of people in New York City alongside short conversations about their lives.
  1. Brad Heaton
Brad Heaton is a commercial and music photographer. Brad is well known for his stunning images of the band, Twenty One Pilots. Brad is currently on the Bandito Tour with Twenty One Pilots and the most recent images posted on TØPs Facebook page are fantastic.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
  1. Dina Djedovic
Hey! That’s me! I am currently a photo student at Wayne State University. My goal is to take what I have learned from the photographers mentioned above and create works of art that I am proud of.
*First five images found on google*
Sep 29 / Dina Djedovic

Why did I pick Wayne State University?

My heart may be in my birth country, Bosnia, but my home is in Michigan. I’ve spent twenty years of my life in Michigan, and have created an entire life here. One of the biggest life decisions young adults can make is picking the college they will attend for a minimum of four years. This is not an easy choice to make. There are many variables to consider when choosing an university, such as cost of attendance, location, programs available, etc. The main reason I chose the University of Wayne state is because it is located in one of my favorite cities, Detroit, a city filled with beauty, diversity, and a vast amount of history. Detroit has had many ups and downs economically and demographically. In the 1920s, the automobile industry put Detroit on the map. The industry created thousands of jobs and the population of Detroit grew rapidly. At its peak, almost two million people were living in Detroit. On the other hand, when auto-makers moved their businesses out of Detroit and into the metropolitan areas, many people followed the auto-makers and the population declined drastically. In recent times, many businesses have moved into Detroit. For instance, Quicken Loans moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010. Not only is Quicken Loans helping to revitalize downtown Detroit, but Meridian Health Plan is another growing company employing thousands of people in the city. Recently, Meridian Health Plan sold to WellCare for $2.5 billion dollars making it the biggest HMO deal in Michigan history. In other great news, many investors like Dan Gilbert are taking historical abandoned buildings and restoring them. According to Business Insider, Dan Gilbert’s company, Bedrock’s, has invested and allocated a total of $5.6 billion into the city. One of Dan Gilbert’s restoration projects that I am looking forward to is the renovation of the beautiful Book Tower building. Sadly, the Book Tower building has been neglected for years, but soon the building will offer office and retail space, as well as residential units. In addition, many new projects have wrapped up like the Little Caesars Arena and QLine. As a result of the construction of the Little Caesars Arena, all four professional Detroit sports teams will be in downtown Detroit for the first time. So much development is happening in Detroit at the moment and it is a wonderful time to live, work, learn, and play downtown. I am very happy that I am a part of rebuilding Detroit. I am currently studying photography at Wayne State University and this city has given me a great deal of inspiration. Over the years, I have taken many photographs of this redeveloping city and it is so exciting to see people putting their time and energy into restoring Detroit. As I said before, picking to attend Wayne State University was a no brainer, because I truly love my city.