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Mar 10 / Clayton Hayes

WSU Library Announces Open Access Fund for Faculty

The Wayne State University Libraries recently announced the establishment of a fund for full-time faculty and researchers to help underwrite publication charges for fee-based, peer-reviewed, openly accessible scholarly venues. The fund seeks to support at least ten projects each year; applicants may accept one award per funding year, and may request up to $1000. Awarding will be  handled by the Library System, on a first come, first served basis. Further information, along with an application, may be accessed at

Open Access publishing can greatly increase the potential for discovery of a scholarly work by removing the barrier of (for example) purchasing a journal subscription or a single article. These costs are often prohibitive for a wide array of researchers and scholars, essentially barring access to, and therefore citation of, a large body of scholarly work. Publishing in an openly accessible venue, then, can not only raise the profile of the authors, but also can help to elevate the quality of scholarship in a field as a whole.