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Mar 9 / Jennifer Hart

DH Projects: Accra Mobile

Accra Mobile (Jennifer Hart) – I am a professor in the History Department.  I am currently collecting data for a digital humanities project based in Accra, Ghana.  The project, currently called Accra Mobile, will provide an interactive, publicly-accessible map of the public transit (trotro) system in Accra.  In particular, the map uses video, audio, and photographic sources to bring the transport system to life on the screen.  In the process, it provides resources for student researchers and engages both the Ghanaian and the international public in a conversation about what motor transportation means and how it is experienced differently around the world.  To complete this project, I am collaborating with faculty, staff, and students at Michigan State University (MATRIX), Wayne State University, and Ashesi University (in Ghana).  I am also working closely with urban planners and development experts from the Accra Municipal Authority, the French Development Agency, the office of the Chief Justice of Ghana, and a number of other smaller organizations that are using technology to find alternative solutions to persistent development problems.  You can learn more about the project and our plans for its continued growth on my blog  You can also follow me on Twitter @detroittoaccra and @accramobile.