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Mar 9 / Jennifer Hart

DH Courses: HONS 4260 (African Democracy Project)

African Democracy Project (HONS 4260/HIS 6000; Fall 2015, Fall 2016) (Jennifer Hart) – This course is available to students of all interests and backgrounds.  Students spend the semester learning about democracy in a particular African country through their own reading and conversation, as well as through interaction directly with experts in the field.  For two weeks during the semester, students travel to an African country where they observe elections and conduct fieldwork.  The culminating project is a website that integrates all of their class material and research (both process and final product).  In Fall 2015, the students went to Tanzania.  You can see both the general class blog and individual student projects at  In Fall 2016, students will go to Ghana.  Check out for the dates of information sessions and information on past projects.