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Nov 8 / Maryvi Nguyen

Process 4 Readings:

Thinking with Type:

  • Early years of the World Wide Web limited designers range of typefaces
  • Anti-aliasing created the appearance of smooth curves on screen by changing the brightness of pixels or sub-pixels alone the edges of each letterform.
  • Bitmap typeface are built out of the pixels that structure a screen display of other output device
  • First step in designing a typeface is to define basic concepts


Reading: The Armature, the Grid, and Grid System

  • Typographers design using at least two things: a typographic element, and the space within and surrounding it.
  • Armatures underly and bind elements through deliberate but failr random placement ruled by “intuitively” divided space.
  • Grid also underlie and bind elements but with structural in addition to visial rules governing placement
  • Active areas contain elements, while support spaces designed between and around them fortify elements.